This flagship programme is jointly organized by the ADMT, ICT and Science departments from SST and eight schools of science, engineering and media design from Nanyang Technological University. This 3-day-2-night residential camp at NTU aims to excite and inspire SST students towards the fields of engineering, design, technology and applied sciences. 

The camp programme includes plenary sessions, campus tour and interaction with NTU student leaders. The highlight of the camp is the Applied Project Challenge where students are allowed to choose their area of interest and work under the guidance of a scientist or an engineer.

Refer to the sample blog (http://mobile3d-sample.blogspot.com/) for your project deliverables. Answer all the questions. 

Project 1: ‘Photoshop You’

Individual Digital Painting Projects:

Project 2: Microscopic analysis of cells and tissues and its application in human disease diagnostics

Group 1: Patidar Devanshi and Ethan Lee Ek Haeng

Group 2: Tay Ming Yi and Kim Allen Wuhyung

Group 3: Jemaimah Beatrice Duran and Pey Ruo-Song

Group 4: Sarah 'Aqilah Johari and Go Yan Feng

Group 5: Sharifa Suhailah Bte Yaa'cop and Sim Bowen

Group 6: Lim Si Ying, Jamie and Muhamad Danish B Suhaimi

Group 7: Mohamad Adam Bin Mohamad Yazid and Liu Guo Jin

Group 8: Charlene Tan Ling Yi and Woo Jun Wei

Group 9: Lee Yong Lin and Yong Ming Yang

Project 3A: The Fastest Ball Challenge

Group 3A(1) - Chelsea [Leader], Jia En, Jie Yi and Claire

Group 3A(2) - Ian Harijanto [Leader], Mason Sim, Ng Yue Hao, Shaun and Daniel Ho Kin Kwang

Group 3A(3) - Owen Ong Chau Siong[Leader], Lam Jiajun and Tay Hao Yang Mark

Group 3A(4) - Poon Jia Qi[Leader], Jonathan Foo and Matthew Yap

Group 3A(5) - Mateen Jamri Bin Jupri [Leader], Abiyyu Arif Rahman and Wong Chii Zheng Matthew

Project 3B: Extraction of Caffeine from Beverages

Project 4: Control and Operation of a Large-Scale Distillation Column

Group 1: 
Poh Jin Heng Princeton, Yeo Hung Kye, Selvaraj Siddharth, Cheng Shu Yu Mavis and Heng Min Cur, Nicole

Group 2:
Dylaine Ho Minh, Chinni Shivali Savita, He Shiying, Liew Wei Siew, Nicholas Lee Zhen Wei

Group 3:
Godfrey Gan Yi De, Cassandra Mah, Leong Hoi Mun, Jemima, Deepika, Elango Meenakshi Kuzhalini

Project 5: Water Tower Competition

Group 5A: YOLO (Sebastian Denzel, Matthew Phang, Isaac)

Group 5B: Amelia Pang, Luke - John Lee, Mervin Chong, Dexter Lim

Group 5C:Valerie Tan, Carissa Liew, Bryan Sim, Ryan Lai

Group 5D: Saishwar, Harinder, Aleem, Yi De

Group 5E: Enoch Yang, Shawn Kit, Ryan Tan, John Cheong

Project 6: Mobile 3D Body Imaging

Group 1: http://sst2012project6-1.blogspot.sg/

Group 2: http://sst2012project6-2.blogspot.sg/

Group 3: http://sst2012project6-3.blogspot.sg/

Group 4: http://s2012-ntup6-g4.blogspot.sg/

Project 7/8: Handheld device for speech-impaired patients/ Automatic Outdoor Light Controller

Group A members: Jovan Ng, Darren Ng, Chin Wai Kit, Muhammad Ada, Tan Yu Tao
Group website

Group B members: Lee Jee Hoon, Gan Wei Qin, Foong Yan Kai, Esther Tiey
Group website

Project 8: Automatic Outdoor Light Controller

Group C members: Kuang Seng, Irfan Danial, Yoshiki Kaneko, Kenneth Han, Kaelan Mikowicz
Group website

Group D members: Abhimanyu Arora, O'Rourke Charles William Ong, Leonard See, Byran Kong, Joel Chin
Group website

Project 9: (A) Tensile Testing of Engineering Materials, (B) Scanning Electron Microscope, (C) Composite Material Processing

Group 1 Members: Qianhui (Leader), Gladys, Lovy and Sandy
Group 2 Members: Rouyu (Leader), Hao Xian, Wilbur and Benjamin
Group 3 Members: Malcom (Leader), Kevin, Jereme and Darryl
Group 4 Members: Marcellus (Leader), Darren, Gregory and Kai Chek
Group 5 Members: Jerome (Leader), Issac, Harriz and Imanni
Group 6 Members: Sheares (Leader), Jovin, Darshan and Gavin